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The Richland Center in Chicago’s Chinatown is being completely redesigned, and when completed, would be an exciting new commercial center, with a combination of business offices, retail stores and food courts. Its location is on 2002 South Wentworth Avenue in Chicago.

There will be two large LED displays on top of the Richland Center, with sizes greater than eight feet by twelve feet. To the east, one display will face Wentworth Ave. and Cermak Chinatown Red line L-Train stop. To the south, one display will face Wentworth Ave., Archer Ave. and Chinatown Square, with Cermak Ave. just one block away.

Both the LED displays will be able to project more than 16 billion colors with very high resolution TV image quality. These displays can run TV commercials and animations, as well as still pictures and graphics. They will be the first large electronic displays in Chinatown, and also two of the very few LED displays in the south loop area of Chicago.

The two large LED displays on top of the Richland Center will be surrounded by one of the busiest commercial areas in Chinatown, with many retail shops, restaurants, banks, business offices and clinics. In the near future, this area will likely grow to become an even busier commercial area, due to Richland’s new commercial center and newly expanded Chinatown Square.

There are more than 75,000 people coming to Chinatown each month by car, with Chinatown’s two biggest parking lots of more than 500 parking spaces, located directly in front of the LED displays on the Richland Center. Also many people come to Chinatown using CTA buses, or park their cars in metered parking around Richland Center area.

In addition, each year from June to early September, both the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce and CTA of Chicago operate special bus routes, from the Chicago Field Museum directly to Chinatown. These special buses bring an additional 24,000 people to Chinatown for the summer months.

The two LED displays will also have very high visibility from the Cermak Chinatown L-Train stop on the Redline, with an average monthly number of passengers going to Chinatown of more than 93,000 people. These passengers have a great potential to see the large LED displays. This is an addition to the passengers who pass by Chinatown using the Redline L-Train, going either to the North or the South.

There are over 8,000 visitors coming to Chinatown through different travel agencies, and many more visitors coming to Chinatown from the MCCOMICK auto show each year.

Chinatown’s culture, restaurants, businesses and retail stores make for a unique destination which draws visitors from both the city of Chicago and outside of Chicago.

As a result, there will be a great opportunity for advertisers using these new and large LED displays on top of the remodeled Richland Center, to reach potential customers in the greater Chinatown area of Chicago.
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